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Charlie Langridge


As one of the founders of Penguin Media Solutions, Charlie realised that if you want something done right and you’re best placed to do it; why hold back? With a well established background in design and production, as well as experience working for large scale touring pro audio and lighting companies, a chance pairing on a project with Dylan and the complement of skills became apparent – the rest, as they say, is history.

Charlie is our integration, lighting and video specialist


Dylan Thompson


Dylan gained his experience in first sales and marketing and then the design and installation of sound, light and power systems for ‘blue chip’ companies and large entertainment and retail chains.

This experience gained over the last decade is what has spurred on the creation of Penguin – creating a desire to bring a higher level of client satisfaction by cutting out the red tape of larger organisations, providing a more personal service, and above all getting that solution fit for the client – both in product selection matching its environment, the time scale of the project and (as important now as it has ever been) the right budget.


Ian Baird

Ian is our New Business Manager. With many years experience in the events and entertainments industry, a Heath & Safety professional, as well as a background in theatre and stage lighting, he is a great asset to the team.


Andy ‘Beard’ Goodwin

Andy is our live sound specialist – a highly experienced and capable sound engineer and musician with a love for rare and strangely shaped condenser mics. A man of few words.

Keith ‘Smudge’ Marston

Smudge brings a wealth of skills to the Penguin table, with an expanse of real world experience and knowledge.

An accomplished IT and networks professional who has found his calling as a Lighting Designer, working for theatres, nightclubs and many areas in between. More recently the rising popularity of large format video walls and LED screens has found Smudge in demand in a technical capacity up and down the country as well as further afield for corporate and entertainment gigs alike.