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Making your venue work takes loads of hard work, inspiration and the right ingredients to create an experience people won’t forget and leave them wanting more. 

Here at Penguin Media Solutions our mission is to deliver you a sound system that gives you the power, control and flexibility to wow your customers. We understand that you may not be an expert in sound systems, but that is the coolest part - you don’t have to be. With our expert knowledge and installation skills, your venue, be it bar, nightclub, restaurant, gym or hotel, will have a high-quality audio system tailored specifically for your needs.

Maintaining a brand agnostic approach means that whatever the project or system, we can deliver the right solution. Find out more about some of the cutting edge technologies we use right HERE (link to DSP Programming/BSS Audio/ Sound Technology Certified Soundweb Programmers and Installers info page) Martin Audio’s revolutionary CDD Technology Our reputation for delivering the best audio experiences is the life blood of what we do, so we only work with brands we know and trust. 

Martin Audio offers cutting edge technologies such as its CDD Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology, which distributes a more consistent audience coverage than systems that have traditional fixed dispersion X° x Y° set ups. Penguin is also very proud of its long association with a select group of speaker manufacturers in our role of South Coast Approved Dealers and Installers. Martin Audio is one of our most popular brands having been respected audio manufacturers for decades. Proud of their UK based manufacturing and research credentials, this company make some of the best products around - they are so good it would be a crime not to use them.

Ohm is another strong brand and reliable brand that we have used for many years. Our experience means we can tackle any type of venue and deliver a sound system that will be the talk of whoever enters your business. Want to entice shoppers into your cool retail outlet, or create a buzz on social media with the best DJ based PA rig in town? It’s just what we do. But the cool stuff does not end there, we train your staff to use it, offer full, peace of mind, maintenance schedules, and provide advice on your legal PRS and PPL responsibilities. We are also expert in working within sound restrictive environments and have intimate knowledge of relevant legislation (health and safety, council enforcement and licensing) so your business can avoid any infringements. If it's audio, we are all over it. Give us a call and we can help your audio dreams come true.

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