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Control Systems
Power is nothing without control. Fitting a sophisticated audio-visual system without an advanced way of controlling it is like selling a sports car without a fuel tank.
We are proud of our standing as purveyors and programmers of one of the world's best control and automation platform, Crestron, which delivers the infrastructure and automation needed to unleash the power of any system.
Our Crestron programmers can create engaging interfaces so that everyone in your team will be able to understand the system and control any aspect of it.
We are expert in the Crestron DigitalMedia platform, which provides the backbone for controlling and distributing today’s digital signal information all the way up to 4K and can also handle any analogue information too. The Crestron NVX family is also a powerful tool delivering AV networks that look and feel like as if you are viewing a direct source. 
Although Crestron is a powerful tool, we are also fully able to work with and offer other systems such as AMX, RTI and Q-SYS. Our knowledge means we can deliver the right platforms for the right project as well as deal with any legacy systems you may have.  
The Penguin Media Solutions team trains regularly on all the systems to makes sure we are certified to the right level to deliver all the functionality on offer.
Using Crestron or similar control systems can deliver a huge amount of functionality to suit any business.
An office environment can achieve control over all the AV equipment and utilities, increasing efficiency and communications inside and outside the building. As the need for functions such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) presentations and video conferencing increase, today’s automation systems stand ready to bring all of that to your fingertips.
A system like Crestron can also automate the lighting, shading and air conditioning, making sure your space is at optimum efficiency. Using Crestron can also increase the power of digital signage making it more effective in delivering your important messages. Staff can also dial into the system to make appointments, book rooms and communicate more effectively.
Sectors like education can also benefit from Crestron's ability to deliver real time control of audio visual communications and utilities right across a campus of any size. Lecturers and technical staff no longer have to struggle with hard to understand presentation systems. Crestron does all the work in the background, so when it's lecture time, one interaction with a Crestron control panel transforms the room to the correct setting.   
Advanced technologies like Crestron’s IP based network infrastructure means that systems can be dialled into remotely to check performance, make changes and iron out any technical issues. Tech support teams will love how much control and adaptability it delivers.   
Using Crestron and todays other advanced control systems, businesses of all types, as well as education establishments, can gain control of their audio, video, presentation equipment, digital signage, lighting, shading, heating/cooling systems, in fact their whole environment, to ensure it works harder and smarter.  
Once fitted these systems are easy to use and understand, but it takes trained staff to make it happen, so we ensure our people are fully up to speed with everything achievable, so your business can transform to a truly 21st century entity.

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