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DSP Programming

DSP Programming
Our expert team has been involved with audio DSP programming for many years. The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) part of a system controls the signals to ensure the best performance.
A well programmed audio DSP is vital; it is the heart and brain of your audio system and delivers the consistency, quality and protection you need.
Extensive experience means designing, installing and supporting installations using the best systems around such as BSS Soundweb London, our most used DSP platform, is second nature.
That said, we are also proficient with the Q-SYS family of processors, QSC is a manufacturer with 50-years' expertise that delivers the Q-SYS certification programme, on which we are qualified to the highest level. We are also able to supply and program Biamp and Symetrix processors amongst others. Got an older system based on Soundweb 9088 ‘green’ processors? Not a problem, we are fluent with those too.  
With bespoke programming, many DSPs allow you to define ‘rules’ setting limits based on the time or event type. This is especially important for venues with noise issues. No need to worry about rogue employees miss-using the system. With a properly programmed DSP you can stay compliant.
DSP technology has advanced to the point that they can act as a control hub for other parts of your system besides audio. Using IP or RS232 technology, you can control lighting presets, projector screens and many other parts of your AV real-estate. 
In short, our ability to program the DSP means it's like having our experts in your venue the whole time, you get all of the control you want, all of the time. 

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