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Networks are ubiquitous, so making sure yours are a bonus to your business and not a technical headache, is key.  
From networking a few computers in an office, or cabling connecting tills in a bar, to multi-channel low latency audio transport, or sending HD video long distances, structured cabling (also called Cat5E & Cat6/7) has much to offer. Making sure every function in your business that can benefit from a strong network is serviced properly can add huge percentage points to your efficiency and your bottom line.
Wireless networks are also hugely important too, so we also offer rock-solid Cisco Meraki Wireless (Wi-Fi) solutions amongst others.
Audio transport protocols and networks such as Harman’s Blu-Link, CobraNet by Cirrus Logic, QSC’s Q-SYS and Audinate’s Dante are all also supported and we are Dante Certified.
For your data networking needs, we can offer fixed cabling, Wi-Fi networks, switches and routing. For audio networking our preferred weapon of choice is Dante and for video networks we offer video over IP solutions such as JustAddPower, Crestron NVX, AMX SVSI. For networked lighting we can deliver systems which use ArtNet and SACN. Rest assured, if it's networked, we are connected to the right people and products to weave the right connection for your business.

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