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Image is everything!
Offering eye-popping and informative visual information has advanced hugely in recent years. As the public are now used to engaging visuals and interaction on their personal devices and even TVs, people expect the same experience when they are out of home as well.
Failing to meet these expectations can leave your business feeling out of touch, but don’t worry, we have a solution for every type of environment.
Have a sports bar you want packed with the latest screens delivering action to every corner? Want engaging and cool video mapping for your night-club? Do you have a retail outlet that needs informative and up to the minute product information? No matter what your requirement, we can deliver.  
Screen technology has come on hugely in recent times. Passive screens can deliver life like images in 4K or even 8K standards and interactive touch-screens can deliver the sort of experiences customers are used to on their smart devices. Hotels can now also benefit from the same type of interactive information points or deliver reliable and feature rich video entertainment into rooms or communal areas.
Digital signage technology has also advanced in recent years with manufacturers like BrightSign simplifying the process with easy to use and very compact products that make installation and control a breeze. 
We are also experts in ‘video installation’. Perhaps no other area in video has advanced more than this in recent times. Projection pixel mapping means we can create incredible themed experiences that wow customers and most importantly help deliver repeat business. These sorts of installation can deliver living, breathing, moving art which melds with your venue to increase enjoyment or can equally deliver targeted information.  
We offer a fully consultative approach, carefully assessing the needs and desires of each business and building the system you need. From a single screen offering a digital menu, to the craziest pixel mapping, we can do it all.  
The other area that is key here is making sure your installation is safe and secure and meets all the required standards. Much of the bracketry available for domestic TV screens and projectors are not up to the rigours of commercial use. Our installations use companies such as Unicol, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial grade mountings, which also has a Special Projects Department that designs and manufactures bespoke items for installations. This means that any one-off products we commission for your business are tested above and beyond the level required, keeping you compliant and worry free.
In terms of controlling all your new video real estate, we only use the best and easiest to understand systems by market leaders such as Crestron, CYP, Panasonic Professional and Kramer Electronics as well solutions that we create in-house. For example, our PenguiNet Media Server can take video feeds, apply effects, image manipulation, digital keystoning and feed the image across multiple screens. There really are very few things you can’t do with video these days, so let us increase your customer engagement with a system that will prove to be an eye-pleaser and a money squeezer.

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