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TPS (HDBaseTTM) Extender for HDMI with Local Monitor Out

HDMI-TPS-TX210 has the same features and capabilities as HDMI-TPS-TX220, but without GPIO control port and local audio embedding.

The HDMI-TPS-TX220 is a flagship model in the Lightware TPS (HDBase-TTM Transmitter) product family. The device can transmit universal video, audio and control up to a 170 meter distance over a single CAT. The extender was designed to handle HDMI 1.4 digital video signals and analog stereo audio from local inputs or HDMI Embedded Audio up to 8 Channel PCM or HBR audio. It also handles HDCP encryption. Advanced EDID Management forces the required resolution from any video source and fixes the output format conforming the system requirements. Remote powering is available through the single CAT 5e - CAT 7 cable, but local power supply can also be used. All devices can be mounted on a rack shelf or used standalone. HDMI-TPS-TX220 is compatible with both HDBaseT extenders and matrix switchers.

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