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Ruski’s Tavern

Penguin Media Solutions were approached to provide a high fidelity, high quality audio and lighting solution for Ruski’s Tavern, Kensington. Set to be the latest and greatest VIP nightspot in London, we turned to Knutsford based Ohm Loudspeakers to provide the speakers needed to provide the sound for the arched basement at Number One Kensington High Street.

Speakers from the new Total Clarity range were selected, a pair of CT12’s covered the dancefloor area, with a CT10 as dedicated DJ monitor. A singular PUKK212 subwoofer was chosen, both for its compact dimensions and high output.

For the arches, we used a pair of CW26 speakers at either end, the bass frequencies augmented with a CS208 under banquette subwoofer – Ruski’s was the first installation in the World to use this model, they performed perfectly, and needed very little allowance from the seating and upholstery designers for a discreet installation.

For the VVIP areas adjacent to the dancefloor, more CS208 subwoofers were used, this time partnering CT6 fill speakers. A modestly proportioned cabinet, with a much bigger sound!

The control of the audio was important to Ruski’s Tavern. In the past, volume controls have been situated behind a bar, for example. Shouting or gesticulating to other staff members as to the required volume level will not do, and neither should it any more – Penguin developed an iPad wireless control system, enabling a nominated member of staff to walk around the venue and adjust volume levels for each individual zone (Ruski’s had 7), as well as the music source. The room had 3 possible portable DJ booth locations, should only half of the venue be required for a private party or product launch, for example.

Making all this happen, was BSS’ Soundweb Blu-100. As standard, the system provides 12 inputs and 8 outputs. Of course with 7 zones, 8 outputs for full range audio and subwoofers was not going to be enough, so we presented another first for the UK – the Crown DCI 8|600n amplifier, which added 8 channels of audio output at speaker level, as well as another 8 analogue inputs. BluLink digital audio protocol was used to transmit audio between this and the Soundweb.
For the rest of the amplifiers, we employed a brace of XTi6002 and 4002’s.

Pioneer’s flagship CDJ2000 Nexus CD/USB players were joined by a Pioneer DJM900 Nexus mixer in the DJ booth.

Lighting was simple but effective, using Chauvet Intimidator Spot 250 moving heads, 4 on the dancefloor and 2 in each arch, along with addressable RGB LED tape via DMX to highlight and wash the arch ceilings. Control was provided by Chauvet ShowXpress software and a touchscreen PC. For added effect, a Look Solutions Unique 2.1 hazer was discreetly installed to the dancefloor area, with 4 further smoke machines positioned in each arch – as the dramatic plumes of smoke were integral to the theatre of the venue.


2 x Ohm CT12 speakers for dancefloor
1 x Ohm PUKK212 subwoofer
1 x Ohm CT10 DJ monitor
4 x Ohm CT6 fill speakers
6 x Ohm CS208 under banquette subwoofers
8 x Ohm CW26 wide dispersion fill speakers
1 x BSS Soundweb Blu-100 DSP
1 x Crown DCI8|600n networked DSP amplifier
2 x Crown XTI6002 amplifiers
4 x Crown XTI4002 amplifiers
1 x Formula Sound AVC2D automatic volume control / limiter
1 x iPad remote control

DJ Booth

2 x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus CD/USB players
1 x Pioneer DJM900 Nexus DJ mixer


12 x Chauvet Intimidator Spot 250 LED moving heads
100m of addressable DMX RGB LED tape
1 x Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Haze machine
4 x Chauvet Hurricane smoke machines
1 x Chauvet ShowXpress PC based lighting control system with touchscreen

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