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Differential Dispersion

Differential Dispersion

In order to achieve optimal front-to-back coverage from a centrally positioned loudspeaker with a conventional X° x Y° horn, the speaker is usually placed above the listening plane and aimed towards the centre of the audience. This results in a less-than-ideal coverage pattern with a relatively small ‘hot-spot’. Significantly, front rows to either side of the loudspeaker are covered poorly.

In contrast, Differential Dispersion horns require much less down tilt and are aimed toward the rear of the audience. They produce a well-defined rectangular coverage pattern on the listening plane which covers the audience more evenly than a system with a conventional horn. Noticeably, wide front row coverage is maintained very close-up to the speaker. Walking the room, the consistency in frequency response and SPL — both side-to-side and front-to-back — is remarkable.

Designed using in-house, proprietary BEM (Boundary Element Method) tools, the HF horn has a 3D trapezoid dispersion pattern which covers the audience area in a much more consistent manner than conventional X° x Y° type horns.

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