Ideally suited to larger club applications and large scale installs, the TH Series also aesthetically complements the CDD, BlacklineX and SX subwoofer ranges.

Horn-loading the bass and midrange sections as well as the high-frequency section maximises the efficiency of all bands, resulting in exceptional impact and output from a single enclosure. Bi-amp operation, with an internal passive network for the mid/high crossover, ensures the most effective use of available amplifier power.

Sonically, TH Series systems deliver the Martin Audio signature sound of warmth, clarity and smooth response at high levels with ease.

THH is a horizontally formatted system while THV is a vertically formatted system.

Three-way Bi-Amp trapezoid Hybrid® fully horn loaded. The TH Series consists of two, very high performance, all-horn, three-way systems. Each is configured in a single wide-bandwidth package with extended frequency response and very high output capability.

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